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Engagement RingEngagement Rings

A Promise To Last A Lifetime

The tradition continues with A P Brown Jewellers and so does the generations of families purchasing their engagement rings from us.

Today’s popular white gold or platinum setting may be the same colour as your grandmother’s ring choice yet your Mother’s was most likely yellow gold. What remains the same - true as tradition - is the diamond, as a symbol of forever. Whether it is a classic round 
brilliant cut diamond solitaire or a fashionable princess cut halo setting, A P Brown Jewellers continues to provide quality craftsmanship combined with the latest designs, from the traditional classics to the custom one of a kind piece.

As Precious As Your Love

Engagement RingsWe have established relationships and have built a solid reputation for extensive product knowledge. We’ll take the time to show you the qualities that make a diamond spectacular, so you can be confident that you’re making the purchase that is right for you!

Imagine hand picking your diamond, from the cut and clarity to the colour and carat weight. As no two diamonds are the same you can choose a stone that is unique as your love.

Personalized Service

Whether you decide to select your stone for a custom engagement ring in the comfort of our gem room, or to choose from our beautiful selection of rings in our showcase, you’ll receive the personalized attention and quality service that our customers have come to expect from A P Brown. You can be confident that each ring has met and surpassed our strict code of workmanship and high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

The engagement ring is as personal as your love. It is our commitment to you to provide exactly what you want with every attention to detail, quality and value.

Wedding Rings

A Symbol of Eternal Union

A P Brown Jewellers has united generations of couples with the symbol of their commitment to each other - the wedding band. Many engagement rings have a wedding band that has been specifically designed to match and complement the other. You may want to consider the matching wedding ring at the time of purchasing the engagement ring. Some couples often prefer to choose their wedding bands together after the engagement ring has been worn for a time, as you may have a better idea of what you would like.

Wedding RingUnsurpassed Beauty, Countless Options

There are many options for your partner that could also match or compliment your ring. From karat gold choice to diamond set or from patterned or plain, we’ll help you find the perfect wedding rings that you’ll both be proud to wear for a lifetime!

One of today’s biggest trends is wedding bands crafted from contemporary metals such as tungsten, titanium, cobalt or stainless steel. These elements possess qualities of unsurpassed durability, are hypo-allergenic and extremely scratch resistant and hold their shape and shine. Wedding bands crafted from these metals are designed to last a lifetime.

All of us at A P Brown are happy to assist and offer suggestions to help you find your personal style and to fit your budget so you can confidently make the best decision for you. 

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